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Labor Doula Support

Package Includes:


*Payment Plans Accepted

Initial Consult: We talk about all things you, your partner, and how you envision you birth.

2-3 prenatal visits: We meet to talk about birth preferences as well as what support will look like during labor. We can also schedule a prenatal visit with your OB/Midwife together, If desired. These visits can be at your home or any public space such as a coffee shop or library.

Birth Plan writing assistance: I help you create a birth plan that aligns with your wishes, beliefs, and preferences

I am available and on call to you starting at 37 weeks, or earlier depending on circumstances.

Unlimited phone/text/email support: I will be able to affirm, answer questions, educate, or just be a support person throughout your pregnancy.

Access to my digital library of information regarding: birth positions, what to pack in your hospital bag, the best baby products to consider, ect.

Evidence Based knowledge: about topics you are wanting more information about

Use of physical comfort measures which include:TENS unit, Massage gun, Roller Balls, labor comb, Aroma therapy, Twinkle lights, and more!

Present during labor & delivery: I will join you whenever you need me once labor starts, and I will stay with you 1-2 hours after baby is born. (up to 3 hours after a Cesarean)

1 postpartum visit: This visit can be schedule up to 3 weeks after delivery. I will be available to you to discuss whatever you may need. This is an opportunity for discussion and reflection on the birthing experience, as well as to extend support and share valuable resources to address postpartum needs.This visit is up to two hours.

Included in this package is a wooden comb designed for labor, a wooden birth announcement sign for the hospital bassinet, and a personalized Stanley-type cup to ensure you stay hydrated during your hospital stay.

As your Doula, I will provide non-judgmental support, and am trained to provide you with education, comfort, and resources. I do not make decisions for you – I will provide you with the information you need to make decisions for yourself and your family. I will support you in those choices.

Feel free to reach out regarding Labor Doula Services!

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