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  • What exactly does a Labor Doula do?
    A Labor Doula provides emotional, physical, and informational support to individuals and their partners before, during, and immediately after childbirth. Their primary goal is to enhance the birthing person's overall experience by ensuring they feel informed, empowered, and as comfortable as possible during labor and delivery.
  • What is the difference between a Doula and a Midwife?
    A doula serves as a non-medical support person who focuses on providing you with emotional and physical care, while also ensuring you feel well-informed and empowered. It's important to note that although doulas and midwives often share similar approaches, they have distinct roles. A midwife, in contrast, is a healthcare professional whose primary focus is the health and safety of both you and your baby. Both doulas and midwives collaborate with you throughout the prenatal period, offer support during childbirth, and provide postpartum follow-up. Specifically, during labor, doulas are frequently engaged in activities such as performing hip squeezes, keeping your water bottle filled, offering guidance and reassurance to you and your partner, and repeating empowering affirmations. On the other hand, midwives may engage in similar supportive actions as doulas during birth, but their foremost priorities are ensuring the stability of your and your baby's vital signs, conducting assessments, performing cervical exams when necessary, administering medications if required, and being responsible for the safe delivery of your baby. In essence, doulas and midwives complement each other, working in harmony to provide you with comprehensive care and support during your childbirth journey, much like the perfect pairing of peanut butter and jelly!
  • What kind of birth does a Doula support?
    I support all births! I offer unwavering support for a wide range of birthing scenarios, including midwife-assisted home births, epidural births, births in birth centers, unmedicated hospital births, and scheduled cesarean births.
  • When should I hire a Doula?
    Preferably the sooner, the better. I have multiple clients between my business and as an independent contractor. I only accept so many clients due to being able to make sure I can attend each birth. *For those who tend to be planners or experience heightened anxiety, considering the services of a doula earlier in your pregnancy can be highly advantageous. Doing so allows for the cultivation of a trusting relationship and provides unwavering support as you navigate the emotional and mental fluctuations that pregnancy often brings.
  • What are the benefits of using a Doula?
    Studies show that families working with doulas have a lower rate of interventions and higher satisfaction with their birth and postpartum experience. check out the evidence here
  • When will you come during my labor?
    After your labor begins and when you request your me to join you, I will be there – at whatever birthing location you have chosen – and will remain by your side throughout your labor and 1-2 hours immediately post-birth. I provide support in whatever way you desire. I can be completely hands-on, or show others how to support you — or any combination. I will be there to provide whatever you feel you need throughout the process. :)
  • Are you really available to me ALL the time?
    I am always available to you by text/phone/email, and I will be on-call ready for your birth starting at 36 weeks. If it's not an emergency I will respond to you at an appropriate time. PLEASE CALL IF YOU ARE IN LABOR OR HAVE BLEEDING
  • What if you miss my birth?
    As long as we are in constant communication during your labor, According to my contract, I will be with you within 2 hours of you needing me. (typically will be less because I live less than 20 minutes from HH & Crestwood) If for some reason I am sick, I have a back up doula partner (Whom you are welcome to meet beforehand). We can talk more about this at your consult/prenatal.
  • How does a doula work with my partner?
    This concern is entirely valid and understandable. It's a common misconception that having a doula means the partner's role is diminished. In reality, my role as a doula is to enhance support for everyone involved, including your partner. I firmly believe that my presence as your doula amplifies the support network, and this includes your partner. Please click here to learn more about how partners and doulas can work together.
  • Will a doula be useful if I have a Cesarean or an epidural?
    YES! Doula support all types of birth. While you may not request much physical support, there are emotional and informational ways your doula can support you.
  • What are your qualifications?
    My qualifications as a labor doula are built on a strong foundation of training, experience, knowledge, and a commitment to providing unwavering support to families during one of the most significant moments of their lives. I am passionate about assisting expectant parents in achieving the birth experience they desire and deserve. As a labor doula, my qualifications and expertise are centered around providing comprehensive support and guidance to expectant parents during the labor and childbirth process. I have completed a rigorous doula training program through ProDoula, and am certified as a labor doula. This training encompasses various aspects of labor and childbirth, including physical and emotional support techniques, comfort measures, and effective communication with medical professionals. I also hold insurance and a business license through the State of Alabama. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education from University of Northern Colorado, Center for Urban Education.
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