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Hey! I'm Elisabeth,

& I am so glad you're here!


From the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the irresistible cheesy vibes of Wisconsin, I have now found my spot sippin' sweet tea in Alabama! 🏞️🧀☀️

I'm a mom of two awesome kiddos who sprinkle my life with giggles and chaos.

When I'm not doula-ing and being a mom, you'll find me asking to play board games and watching true crime documentaries. 

My heart thrives on the bonds of friendship, and lucky for me, my closest friends all call the same cul-de-sac home.

I love spending time with them & their kiddos, crafting unforgettable memories that'll be cherished for years to come.

I am a former educator and autism behavioral therapist turned Certified Labor Doula & Perinatal Bereavement Doula.

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